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We discovered Ines, nutritionist of vocation and cook of heart.

Ines is the founder of the blog “Hoy comemos Sano”. A page that shows us how to cook tasty and healthy.

Through his recipes you will travel for a world of flavors; Flavors of distant countries, tastes of always, flavors that conquer you.

Today Ines proposes us two healthy pairings to enjoy Astobiza this summer.

What would become of Astobiza without gastronomy?

First pairing

Mutabal or Baba Ganoush


The Mutabal or Baba Ganoush is a smooth and soft cream made from aubergines, very typical of Mediterranean Arab countries like Syria, Lebanon, Greece or Turkey. It is an essential appetizer in all the mezzé.

Why does he mate well with Astobiza ?

Astobiza is a wine with a balanced acidity that against subtracts in an almost natural way the marked aromas of the Mutabal. This wine cleans the taste of garlic, cumin and tahini in the mouth, discovering new nuances of this cream so peculiar. An Atlantic wine that spectacularly get together with this Mediterranean delicacy.

We leave you the recipe of Mutabal.

Second pairing


Taboulé, Tabbouleh or Tabulé, is a very popular recipe in Lebanese cuisine, traditionally made with bulgur (a kind of ground wheat), but in North Africa is usually prepared with couscous, and this is the most widespread version in Europe. It is a very refreshing, healthy and nutritious summer salad, which combines fresh fruits and vegetables.

Why does he mate well with Astobiza?

The aromas of white and citric fruit that this wine possesses make it fuse in an innate way with the ingredients that are part of this dish. The freshness of peppermint, tomato and cucumber are accentuated by the freshness in the mouth that Astobiza brings.

A spectacular pairing for sunny days.

We leave you the recipe of Taboulé:

Very soon Ines will be in our vineyard giving one of its courses “Healthy recipes for the day to day”.

You can learn how to organize your daily menu in a healthy way. Make a list of the purchase with the “essential”. Cooking easy, rich and healthy. And pairing each wine with your adhoc recipe.



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