V Memorial 10 Km José Manuel Fernández Arza “Josito” among vines.

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This Saturday, June 3, Astobiza will open its doors to the V Memorial 10 km José Manuel Fernández Arza Josito. One more year, great athletes will gather in the winery to present this emotional race in honor to the founder of Spiuk and Kon.

The journalist Iratxe Estrada will be in charge of directing the program and transmitting everything that this race means. A sprint in which the values ​​of self-improvement, effort, constancy, passion and struggle come to life.

Iratxe will have the honor of being able to chat with Fabián Roncero, “Premio Príncipe de Asturias” of Sport. Fabian is one of the favorite Spanish atlete. World Champion in the 1997 Athens Marathon and European Half Marathon Recordman until 2015.

Fabian was known as the “Keniata de Canillejas”. Running has always been his passion. That’s why in 2008 he decided to retire from athletics to focus on the mountain. Since then he has been proclaimed European mountain medalist in the mountain championship for veterans.

We will also have Merche Palacios Aja, Cross F-40 World Champion in 2014, World Bronze 5,000 m in 2009, Cross F-40 European Champion in 2013 and recently silver medal in the European Mountain. This athlete will tell us about his experiences, his way of facing each challenge, his passion to fight and his desire to go further.

Iratxe will have also the opportunity to share his microphone with David Seco Busturia and Begoña Beristain.

David won 6 editions of the Spanish Cyclo-Cross Championship as a professional cyclist and managed to be the runner with the best record in the history of the championships. He is currently the captain of the EITB program call End of the World Conquistador. From this perspective we will show elements necessary to improve leadership and competitiveness. Sports values ​​applicable in many areas of life.

Begoña Beristain is an unstoppable woman. His passion for running has led her to publish his first book “You too can be runner” and this Saturday in cellar will load us with dynamism transmitting that: if you can dream it, you can do it.

A sports program that goes beyond sports.

You are all invited. At the end we will taste the new Astobiza 2016.

We will be waiting for you in the vineyard.

Ready, Steady, ….











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