Yes, we want to fall into temptation!

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This afternoon at the Melia Hotel in Bilbao we will fall into one of the greatest temptations that may exist, the temptation of the Iberian ham pariring with the best adhoc wines.

The best pieces of: Alejandro de Miguel, Arturo Sánchez, Beher, Belloterra, Castro y González, Luis Bravo, Dehesa del Conde, Geminiano, Guillén, La hoja de Carrasco, Monte nevado, Montesano, Prado Bello, Señorío de Montanera, Tartessos and Torreón, will go through the knives of the experienced hands of the ham cutters.

Bright slices, with luminous tones, interlaced bacon and an intense flavor will cross the palates of the “Iberian Temptation” guests.

But to taste these delicacies, will be necessary a wine with the ability to cleanse our mouths, wine like Astobiza.

Astobiza is clean, bright, with intense varietal aromas and balanced acidity. This acidity is what acts as a cleanser, separating each bite and making us enjoy wine and gastronomy individually.

We will also have wines from the wineries of: Ramón Bilbao, Oriol Rosell, Ochoa, Añada Real, …

We wait for you.

And remember “Del cerdo, hasta los andares”.


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