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Last May, Mi Vino magazine published an article on the labels of wine bottles. In it he spoke of the origin of the first wine label dated 1532 BC. A label where reference was made to the growing area, the date of harvest and the oenologist responsible for that wine.

Since then, wine labels have evolved remarkably, becoming the wine presentation card. Today, every label is a world. We can find photos such as the bottles of the Matsu winery, lose ourselves in the illustrated map of the Santiago Ruiz winery or remain speechless before the shocking typography of the HABLA wineries.

Each cellar tries to condense all its essence in that small rectangle, tries to tell us the story of the true protagonist who is none other than the wine that hides behind.

What is the history of the ASTOBIZA label?

The label of Astobiza was elaborated by the advertising agency LALUCA.

With Jokin Tototika at their head, they set out to embody the spirit of ASTOBIZA on a piece of paper. For this, they previously visited the winery and what surprised them most was that in Astobiza the craftsman and manual factor predominates.

Despite having the most innovative technology, Astobiza performs many tasks manually, for example grape harvesting, grape selection or field care.

That is why Jokin and his team decided to dispense with computers and make the label as it is made in the winery, with their own hands. Drawing, painting, cutting, coloring, … turned the agency into a workshop. After numerous tests, compositions and drawings, they came up with the final design. A design that perfectly reflects what ASTOBIZA embodies.  A winery with a grape that grows exclusively in this point of the planet, that takes care of its vineyards and that has been able to realize a world-wide unique wine.

A wine that today triumphs in more than 23 countries.

"We all felt more artists than designers and we must say that it is a real pleasure to draw, paint, cut ..." Jokin Totorika

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