Storing / Ageing our Best Wines

Nuestra filosofía de máxima calidad y expresión de la uvas autóctonas

The effort was well worth the time. After years of exporting this line of wines to countries on four continents, Astobiza is now the leading winery for aged wines in the Txakoli Denomination of Origin category. Aging wine does not guarantee that the quality will be improved. But with the right soil, climate conditions and grape varieties, combined with coherent viticultural and oenological practices, it is possible to produce aged wines of the highest quality. These are exceptional wines that are aged by controlling the time, temperature, humidity and the absence of light to create new and subtle aromatic compounds, changes in the proportion of flavours and greater volume and textures in the mouth. The aim is to create unique sensory experiences that would be impossible without such fine-tuning in the winery.

La línea Aged Wines de Astobiza

Astobiza's Aged Wines product line brings its vintages to market between 4 and 6 years after harvesting to ensure positive evolution in the 10-15 years following market release. We collaborate with top quality suppliers to do this. Astobiza's Aged Wines line uses longer than usual corks, 49 mm and 54 mm, always with the "1by1" system which ensures the absence of TCA and the optimal development of the wine. Light filtration before bottling and the addition of inert gas contributes to better evolution of the wine and prepares it for long journeys, protecting the quality. 

Astobiza's Aged Wines line includes 3 exclusive wines. All three are Txakoli de Alava Denomination of Origin and recognized by Grandes Pagos de España, since the grapes come exclusively from small plots on the Astobiza estate. Due to their exceptional quality, they are only produced from certain harvests, when the climate conditions have allowed the grapes to ripen adequately, and in very small quantities. 

Our Aged Wines

Private Collection

MALKOA COLECCIÓN PRIVADA is kept with lees for 23 months in ovoid concrete tanks and subsequently for 6 months in 600-litre French oak barrels. Once bottled, it is stored in a wine cellar for at least 3 years. Optimal evolution over the next 10-15 years. It reaches the market 6 years after harvest. Premiere tasting and sales in 4th year for Astobiza Aged Wines users only (consult).


MALKOA is kept with lees for 18 months in 1,700-litre ovoid concrete barrels and once bottled is stored in the wine cellar for at least 3 years. Optimal evolution over the next five years. It reaches the market 5 years after harvest. Premiere tasting and sales in the 3rd year for Astobiza Aged Wines users only (to consult).

Late Harvest

LATE HARVEST, following controlled alcoholic fermentation, is stored with lees for 6 months, another 6 months in 300-litre medium toasted French oak barrels, and then rests for at least another 3 years in the bottle. Optimal evolution over the next 10-15 years at least. It reaches the market 4 years after harvest. Premier tasting and sales in the 3rd year for Astobiza Aged Wines users only (consult).

Astobiza Aged Wines users have exclusive access to the aged wines 1 or 2 years ahead of the market, at special prices, which ensures good yields once the wines are acquired. They also have special access to previous vintages and to several vintages of the same wine for private collectors (consult). We recommend opening these wines in advance, serving them at 12-14ºC in a wide Zalto Burgundy glass, or in fine glasses such as Riedel, Zwiesel or similar. Do not place bottle in an ice bucket and continue to enjoy the wine as the temperature increases. As the tertiary notes develop, the touches of fruit are slightly reduced, providing elegant floral, mineral, saline notes and a pleasant aromatic complexity.

Astobiza Wines