Grandes Pagos de España


There is a group of winegrowers in Spain who are dedicated in body and soul to producing exceptional wines. Winegrowers who love their estates and strive to protect the surrounding environment as though it were a precious jewel. People who cultivate the land with the same dedication and care as Mother Nature provides their vineyards with the best natural resources (soil, nature, climate), and extraordinary beauty as well.

When these winegrowers got together and tasted each other’s wines, they realised that not only did they share a passion and a work philosophy, but they could go one step further by working together to produce exceptional wines. And that is how Grandes Pagos de España came to be Grandes Pagos de España.


Our Philosofy & Beliefs

  • We defend the singularity of terroir as a fundamental expression of a unique style of our wines.
  • We believe in elaborating wines in harmony with the environment of each vineyard: soil, climate etc.
  • We work with the soil of the best vineyards and obtain wine of outstanding quality from their grapes.
  • We share research, best practices and experiences and in that aim for a modern wine sector
  • We invest in sustainability because we understand natural resources as the base of our activity.
  • We invest in research and development in order to improve production techniques and being able to economize costs with regards to bringing our wines closer to the customer.
  • We cultivate autochthonous and foreign varieties and study new methods and plantations as be contribution to the sector’s evolution.
  • We present our wines at forums, competitions and national and international contests in order to be able to understand the consumer better and to continuously improve our wines.
  • We export a big proportion of our wines, transmitting the excellence of Spanish wines in harmony with gastronomy.
  • We believe in Single Estate Wines as the way to excellence and prestige in the agro-alimentary industry, and their relevance in hospitality and tourism as a stimulant of the economy.


Some facts about our Spanish Grandes Pagos

34 wineries and a total vineyard surface: 2.209 Ha. Represents 0,17% of total Surface under vines in Spain (equals the extension of Ribera Sacra and Priorat).

We work with a total of 44 grape varieties (22 red and 22 white) 20 wineries practice ecological viticulture, 5 wineries practice biodynamic viticulture.

Production & bussiness
Over 4 Mill. bottles. 4.680 Hl. The Association is present in more than 45 countries (USA, Germany and Switzerland being the ones with the most presence). More than half of the wineries export more than 50% of their wines. Wine prices range from 8€ to 250€ per bottle with the majority ranging from 20€ and 30€. Estimate total turnover of all wineries belonging to the Association: 77.000.000 €. Investment in research and development: 23 of 34 wineries. Investment in sustainability: 24 of 34 wineries. Excellent scores in national and international wine guides.

Quality & Personality
The QUALITY of our wines is acknowledged internationally and confirmed by our external committee of expert tasters. The SINGULAR PERSONALITY of our wines is based on their terroir.

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