A Family Winery

«As a family winery,
we are proud of its size and consider it to be our greatest strength

The Winery

The winery facilities were built in 2006 after 10 straight years of grape production following
the initial planting in 1996, with the first harvest in 2007.

Conceived as a professional operating unit, Bodega Astobiza was created and developed
for the purpose of growing in innovation and quality.

The Abando-Moyua family is the driving force behind the winery: Xabier Abando, passionate winegrower and promoter of the winery, and Begoña Moyua, the Lady of Astobiza and Xabier’s staunch supporter. Astobiza is governed by the principles of transparency, proximity and identification with the family project, which is also consistent with a philosophy based on innovation and research.


The Astobiza winery is rooted in the winemaking tradition of the Ayala Valley, whose origins can be traced back to Retes de Llanteno according to the first written records from the year 864. The Astobiza facilities are located at the foot of the vineyard, where the land and the building blend into one, at the core of our wine-making operation.

Although the old 18th century farmhouse remains, the modern production and storage plant decorate the agricultural landscape with traditional architecture and state-of-the-art equipment.


We believe that caring for the land is as important as the winemaking process itself. Our philosophy is based on sustainability and the value of preserving the environment and maintaining tradition. By protecting, pampering and respecting the land, without invasive techniques and with minimal mechanisation, we are able to reap the best harvests.

Astobiza Wines