Premium Txakoli - Limited Edition


Malkoa is a special Txakoli, being an estate type wine; authentic and genuine having a far longer bottle life than any produced to date in the winery.

Elaboration: This wine is made from very ripe “Ondarrabi Zuri” grapes grown on a plot within the winery observing eco-friendly practices. This Txakoli has been aged for twenty months in a vertical ovoid concrete tank in which it´s yeasts or lees spontaneously move around in a smooth surfaced space due to the thermal oscillations of night and day. Throughout this oxidative period, the wine self stabilizes and gains volume in the mouth and the addition of the other components, after this the wine refines in the bottle during the reductive aging period.

Harvesting date: The grapes were handpicked into small 7 kg boxes on October 6th 2015.

Bottling date and amount bottled: On June 7th 2017 we bottled the wine in 6,516 (type burgundy).

Climate: Atlantic climate zone but markedly influenced by the microclimate prevalent in the Ayala Valley. Average annual rainfall 899 litres. Sunlight and luminosity sufficient enough during growth cycle (April-October) 12 to 11 hours. The South wind blows 170 days per annum on average. Mean maximum and minimum temperatures range from 18.7-7.5ºC.

Vinyard: The vines, of the monvarietal “Ondarabi Zuri” type were planted in 1996 on south facing land; they are cordon trained at 250 metres above sea level and surrounding the winery on the chalky southern slope of Mt. Ganekagorta in the town of Okendo.

Tasting notes: Malkoa is bestowed with great complexity, appreciable spicy and balsamic notes, and dominant citric (grapefruit) and fresh aromatic herb hints. Having a marked Atlantic character, being very long, fresh, powerful and structured on the palate thus permitting it to live for many years in the bottle.

Consumption suggestions: We recommend that Malkoa be drunk as of 2018 reaching optimum conditions around 2023 and subsequent years.Serve in an ample glass at around 10ºC. Pairing it with uncooked seafood such as sea urchins, oysters, tuna fish tartar, caviar etc is recommendable as is serving it along with lightly cooked goose barnacles, scallops, prawns and red shrimp. Fish; turbot, sea bream, red bream, octopus…

Analytical data: Malkoa : 12,5% alcohol content, 6,8 g/l. total acidity , 0,36g/l. volatile acidity, 3,26 pH and 1,0 g/l. of residual sugars.