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Why invest in wine?

THE BENEFITS OF INVESTING IN WINE are primarily linked to the law of supply and demand. On the demand side there is a growing number of Private Collectors and savvy investors seeking to own or drink unique and rare wines. On the supply side there are exceedingly few investment grade labels whose production levels remain limited or reduce due to meticulous production of fine wine. The way to ease the pressure is for the prices to go up with the time. Increasing complexity as the wine matures and annual price increases for new vintages means that the price of fine wines increases over time.

And so do Astobiza Ageing Wines, Wines made to Age, coherent with the pH of the Astobiza Estate and the natural acidity of the indigenous grapes. Wines thought to improve in the bottle through the time. Wines limited in production to the Astobiza Estate Agriforest Viticulture, and limited to special vintages. Wines present in some of the World´s Bond Warehouses. And Wines already tasted 10 years after the vintage in superb conditions.

Fine and rare wines are the ideal alternative asset class for discerning investors looking to diversify their portfolio.

More time, better quality

Fine wines imporve in quality over time if they are stored correctly and authenticity can be proved. This leads a natural appreciation in value over time.

More time, greater exclusivity

As time goes by fine wines are consumed, this leads to wines becomeing rarer with time, which leads to a natural tendency for appreciation in price.

No correlation

Fine wines are historically uncorrelated with other classes of assets, this makes fine wine an excellent investment for those who want to diversify their portfolios.

Best returns

Return on investment on certain fine wines has historically outperformed the S&P 500 and gold over the past decades.

Our aged wines to invest in

Private Collection

Our private collection and our most personal project. A very special limited edition.


Our private collection and our most personal project. A very special limited edition.

Late Harvest

A unique sweet wine with a prominent Atlantic character. It balances the txakoli's inherent acidity with sweetness.

If you are a Private Collector, Wine investor and wish to Savvy invest this is the right place

We will inform you about “Every year en primeur sales”
You will have access to our exclusive rare “old vintages list” private release.
You will be invited to our annual “en primeur” and old vintages private tasting.
We will inform you about our future vertical vintages collection release.
Your wines may be served in Bond on any country.
We introduce you to the international wine operators who trade with Astobiza Ageing wines.
You may have preference on the “quota per country” system on Malkoa Private Collection.
We may stock your wines at Astobiza warehouse in proper conditions.
You may invest in wine in barrels before being bottled.

To give you a World Class Service, we at Astobiza, are active investors on wine in UK, France, and Denmark operators. Our goal is you invest success.

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