Malkoa Private Collection

Malkoa Private Collection is a unique, exclusive and authentic wine for cellaring.
It is a luxury created for collectors, investors and lovers of the best wines

It is the greatest expression of the Astobiza estate; and at the same time, it is the most complex and elegant production in the world of Txakoli.

It is offered in “PREMIÈRE” to collectors and professionals in the world of wine, one year before its release. It is marketed through a system of quotas per country, limited to 60 bottles per country and year. It is a collector’s favourite in line with the most exquisite wines in the world. It has an optimum bottle life of more than 10 years after release, which occurs five years after the harvest.


Made with well-ripened native Ondarrabi Zuri grapes, which are chosen on the selection table, destemming and maceration with skins, gentle pressing and alcoholic fermentation at a controlled temperature. Produced at the prestigious Astobiza winery by Ana Martín and Pepe Hidalgo.

Ageing in the Winery

The wine remains for 2years in ovoid concrete tanks, where its lees move continuously in a natural way within a space without edges. During this time, the wine stabilises itself and gains volume and intensity in the mouth, integrating all the components. It is then aged for 4 months in 600 and 400 litre French oak barrels of 600, and then transferred to Burgundy bottles for 2 years of reductive ageing, which completes its refinement.

The Plot

The Mastondo plot dates from before 1996, at an altitude of 260 m. facing the sun, with a planting frame of 2.5 m. in the row and 1.5 m. between plants, giving a density of 3,000 plants per hectare. The soil is calcareous clay with a certain proportion of sand, the vines are all of the Ondarrabi Zuri variety and the vines are trained on trellises with double Guyot pruning,


Planted in 1996, surrounding the winery, at an average altitude of 250 metres above sea level, facing south, with maximum sunshine, on the southern slopes of Mount Ganekogorta, overlooking the municipality of Okondo. North of Alava.


The Vineyard cultivated using integrated production viticulture, respectful of the environment, sustainable, with plant cover, minimising treatments, and taking into account the ecosystem where it is located.


First days of October, selected by hand, first thing in the morning, in small boxes of 7 kg. capacity. And resting in cold storage.


Astobiza, equipped with the latest winery technology and the greatest tradition in the vineyard, produces internationally awarded wines year after year, mainly Ondarrabi Zuri. Located in the vineyard to minimise harvesting times, it is perfectly insulated and air-conditioned for grape reception and wine storage, maintaining a natural temperature in the winemaking area.


Estate in an Atlantic climate, with a marked influence of the microclimate of the Ayala valley. Average annual rainfall of 899 litres, sufficient sunshine with an average of 12.11 hours of sunshine during the growing season (April-October) and an average of 170 days of south wind. Average maximum temperature of 18.7º and average minimum temperature of 7.5º.

First Vintage

BOTTLING DATE and TOTAL BOTTLES: May 3 years later, we bottled 1.276 units of 750 ml burgundy type.

Tasting Notes

Malkoa shows great complexity, highlighting delicious spicy and balsamic aromas, with dominant citrus tones, mineral, saline, fresh herbs and aromatic notes. With a marked Atlantic character, it has a very long, fresh, full-bodied, powerful and structured mouthfeel. It has a silky and pleasant texture and a long finish.


We recommend drinking it from the fifth year onwards, being optimal around year +7 and beyond. Serve in a Zalto Burgundy glass, or similar, at a temperature of 10ºC. We suggest tasting it with raw sea products such as sea urchins, oysters, tuna tartar, caviar... or lightly cooked sea products such as barnacles, scallops, red prawns (carabineros) and also with fine grilled fish such as turbot, king, sea bream, hake neck or octopus

Analytic data

Malkoa yielded 12.5% alcohol by volume, a total acidity of 6.9 g/l, a volatile acidity of 0.36 g/l, a pH of 3.16 and <1.0 g/l of residual sugars.

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